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Seek out the Knowledge
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Welcome to Ontrak Nutrition
Knowledge ahead of the herd
Knowledge ahead of the herd

Ontrak Nutrition specialise in optimising herd health and productivity through the understanding and implementation of ruminant nutrition.

By clearly demonstrating how different forages and feeds are digested in the rumen we can accurately advise the producer on how to optimise their efficiency, whilst ensuring cow health, fertility and longevity are at their maximum potential.

Clients requirements may vary, but we are consistent in our approach to deliver a no-nonsense, independent analysis of your business and its resources.

Global leaders

Ontrak’s consultants cover the UK, Ireland and Europe with increasing interest from further a-field. Our smallest client has 50 animals, our largest client has 7000. Our highest yielding clients produce in excess of 12,000 litres with some clients achieving in excess of 5,500 litres from forage. Our wettest client receives 80 inches of rainfall, our lowest just 6.

Ontrak’s Speciality

Over 25 years of experience in the field has led Ontrak to identify precisely what the rumen requires to enable the cow to remain healthy and fertile. Through extensive research Ontrak have developed a unique package, which clearly demonstrates how different feeds and feeding systems affect the rumen. Ontrak’s practical experience combined with the latest scientific evidence delivers the very best in ruminant nutrition.

Unique in the industry

We can offer a complete solution to your milk business. If you have any issues surrounding your cows – health, fertility or output, then we can discuss, explain and solve.

Whatever the system and whatever the forage, fertility is the key. The back-bone for any profitable milk production system is to achieve high levels of milk protein in early lactation – this is Ontrak’s speciality.


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Commodities (weekly prices)

Butter / ton   $4262↓

Cheddar / ton   $3504↓

SMP / ton   $2405↓

Soya / ton   £298↓

Wheat / ton   £182.50↓